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 wavyknights application

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PostSubject: wavyknights application   wavyknights application EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 2:04 am

IGN(In Game Name): wavyknight

Age: 13

Why do you want to join Dungeon Craft(3-5 sent.): i would like to join dungeon craft because i have heard it is very fun from my friend johnrr7. My second reason, is that i enjoy the heroes plugin and think its very fun. My last reason i want to join is because i enjoy roleplaying and meeting new people

What race will you be?: forsaken

What will your RP name be?: wavy

Do you have an appropriate skin for your race? If so, provide a screenshot or explain what it is: yes it is a rogue in dark black robes and a black bandana on his face

Give us some background of your character(4-6 sent.): My character, Wavy is brothers with johnrr7. However at birth, was seperated and winded up being taken up by a necromancer who taught him the ways of the forsaken. He has been taught to hate elves and humans and all things good. But what will happen when him and his brother meet? Will he stay forsaken and remain enemys, or will he see the light and return to the friendship they had as brothers?

Have you read the rules, and will you follow them?: yes &&& i will do it well

Have you read the "Basic Info and Commands" thread?: yes and johnrr7 has given me some help with it

How did you hear about Dungeon Craft?: johnrr7 told me about it in school

Do you use the SpoutCraft Client?: no not currently might is the future

Do you understand what Role Playing is?: yes taking on the role of you character and doing what he would

Will you play the Role of your character?: yes
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wavyknights application Empty
PostSubject: Re: wavyknights application   wavyknights application EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 2:57 am

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wavyknights application
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