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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 9:44 pm

IGN: Zhadel

Age: 16

Why I want to join Dungeon-Craft: I would like to join Dungeon-Craft to enhance my minecraft experience. I love roleplaying and I have roleplayed on many servers. I am hoping I will stay long at this server because it looks very organized and fun. I love what you guys are doing with this server and soon I hope I will be enjoying and helping with the server myself.

Race: Dwarf

RP Name: Zhadel

My Skin: My skin looks like a dwarven miner most of the time - I edit the skin alot and put new clothes on the same head. Currently I am a dwarf dressed in pajamas.

Background: Zhadel was born in a coal mine, his parents killed in an explosion in the mines shortly after birth. Born to a family of miners, he desperately wishes to be a warrior, but must keep his father's honor. Now he travels non-stop to find peace. Hopefully someday he will find what he is searching for.

Rules: Yes, I have read the rules.

Basic Info and Commands: Yes, I have read this thread.

How did I hear about Dungeon-Craft: I was searching on the internet for some neat roleplaying servers and I found this.

SpoutCraft Client: My computer is currently not letting me use this, but hopefully soon I will get it to work.

Roleplaying: Yes, Role-playing is acting in character and typing for actions that you cannot perform ingame.

Role of my character: Yes, I shall play the role of my dwarven miner and add to my backstory.

Rules: ***

Basic Info and Commands: &&&
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PostSubject: Spoutcraft   Application EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 10:29 pm

I got spoutcraft working Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 2:55 am

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Empty

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