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 Info and Commands

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Put &&& somewhere in your application to show us that you have read the Info and Commands!

When it says [OOC] before your name, that means you are talking in global chat. OOC means Out Of Character.
If you would like to Role-Play, type /ch roleplay in game.

/help - Displays all commands.

/ch list - Displays all possible chat channels that you can join.

/ch <channelname> - Joins the chat channel that you have specified. Ex: /ch roleplay

/ch help 1,2,3 - Displays info on chat-related commands. Ex: /ch help 2

/ec - Displays how many coins you have.

/ec pay <playername> <amount> - Self-explanatory. Ex: /ec pay uberpwn14 10

/hero - Displays basic info relating to our class system.

/hero 1,2,3,4
- Displays info on that specific stat (unlockables and bonuses). Ex: /hero 3

/hero paths - Displays all of the possible paths(classes) that you can choose.

/hero choose <pathname> - Self-explanatory.

/skills - Shows the skills that you can use, a description of each, and the level you need to reach to use each skill.

/bind <skillname> - Bind a skill to the item you are holding. Right-click to use the skill. Ex: /bind bolt

/party invite <playername> - Invites a player to your party.

/party accept <playername> - Accept a player's party invite. Once in a party, exp is shared among the party.

/hero who <playername> - Shows what class and level the player is.

/tell <playername> AND /tell - For example, when you type, /tell uberpwn14, you start a private convo with them. If someone is trying to talk to you and it is purple/pink text, type /tell <playername>. When you want to stop the private convo, type /tell.

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Info and Commands
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