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 beny1999's actual application

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PostSubject: beny1999's actual application   beny1999's actual application EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 6:04 pm

IGN(In Game Name): Beny1999 (1999 is not a birthdate by the way )

Age: 16

Why do you want to join Dungeon Craft(3-5 sent.): To join my friend (Chazsta) and build some awesome stuff whilst defending the poor guy from orcs

What race will you be?: Human (although, if there are too many, then I'll happily be a dwarf)

What will your RP name be?: Benjamin

Do you have an appropriate skin for your race? If so, provide a screenshot or explain what it is: Well, my skin is of a human if thats what you mean (benny, from fallout NV), but if you'd rather i switch to a knight/warrior skin then thats fine.

Give us some background of your character(4-6 sent.): He shot you in the head somewhere in the mojave desert No but seriously, I'm chazsta's old friend who has come galloping to his aid to slay the griefers

Have you read the rules, and will you follow them?: Yes and yes

Have you read the "Basic Info and Commands" thread?: Yes

How did you hear about Dungeon Craft?: Chazsta

Do you use the SpoutCraft Client?: Yes

Do you understand what Role Playing is?: Yes (so much better than regular pvp/build servers)

Will you play the Role of your character?: Mostly, except when im building with chazsta
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beny1999's actual application
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