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 LittleSlug1's application

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PostSubject: LittleSlug1's application   LittleSlug1's application EmptyMon Oct 10, 2011 4:25 pm



I would like to join Dungeon craft as one of my friends enjoys the server. I've been looking for ages to find a good pvp server i i have just come across this one. I would really enjoy having skills and characters.

I would like to be the Forsaken Race, and when im in the Forsaken race i would like to be a nercomancer

My IGN would Like To be Slug or something around those lines.

I do not have the appropriate skin but i have a ninja skin that is mainly wearing black clothes and has a bow on his back.

My name is Slug, I have lived in the deeps of Calderan. For years i have studied the art of necromancy. I have found Life in death and i have raised ddeath before my eyes. My goal is to bring death to all who appose me and bring life to allies.

Yes i have read the rules and i will follow them as it is the best way to stay on the server. ***

yes I have read the Basic info and commands. &&&

I heared about dungeon craft from TALON298 who has being enjoying this server.

NO i do not use spoutcraft.

Yes, I understand that role playing is where you have to take on a role of a character like an archer so you'd use bow and arrows.

Yes i would play the role of a nercromancer destroying all enemy's in my way and use magic to my advantage.

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PostSubject: Re: LittleSlug1's application   LittleSlug1's application EmptyMon Oct 10, 2011 6:24 pm

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LittleSlug1's application
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