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 Hmagician619's Application

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PostSubject: Hmagician619's Application   Hmagician619's Application EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 6:14 am

IGN: Ninjashamwow

Age: 13

Reason to join: i want to join DungeonCraft because i have been looking for a good roleplaying server for a while now and this is the first one that i ahve found has what i want. Like it has classes and races which is what i like. Also the server looks like it has a really good set up.

Race: Orc

Rp name: Thrall Gor

My skin: My skin is Thrall from World Of Warcraft.

Background: I am Thrall former leader of the orcs of Durotar. I left to save the world from the deadly elements and to slaughter elves and humans. I mostly work alone unless it is a raid on the elven people or the humans. When i was only 7 years old i was named warlord of durotar but i was merely only a tiny orc so my uncle Bendroll took over the job as warchief of the orcs. I am a elite archer trained by the very best archers in all of durotar i can split a arrow in half and 360 noscope a fly in the head.

Have i read the rules: Yes i have read the rules. Yes i will follow the rules.

Where i hear DungeonCraft from: I was looking on the internet for a rp server and i went on planet miencraft and found it there.

Spoutcraft Client: yes i do use the spoutcraft client

Do i understand wat rp is: yes it is when you are trying to fit the role of the character you are. EG: if you are orcs they like war and to kill eleves and humans.

Will i play my characters role: yes i will play my characters role.
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PostSubject: Re: Hmagician619's Application   Hmagician619's Application EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 5:20 pm

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Hmagician619's Application
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