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 Lubert1999's Application.

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Lubert1999's Application. Empty
PostSubject: Lubert1999's Application.   Lubert1999's Application. EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 2:16 pm

why:I want to join dungeon-craft cause i love RP servers. Also this server looks interesting and fun. Out of all the servers this is the best and most understood applications Smile. And lastly i wanna be a part of your world Dungeon-craft.
RP name:Rage
Skin:No i have Ghost from MW2 i will change my skin though.
Background:Rage his name rage was bestowed on him when he was just a child he brutally beat another child to death. After that incident he was banished from is home being forced in the cold hard winter nights and days. One afternoon when he was about to kill a tiger he was knocked unconscious being woken up in a human prison 16 years passed and he went crazy and broke the bars off the prison walking out using human shields. Now wanted by the humans he wanders around and finds the capital of Rak,kashuk not knowing no one recognized him and now that they know of his presence they find him and talk to him briefly.
Rules: Yes i read and i agree to follow them.
How did i hear: I stumbled upon it on Google while trying to find a good RP server.
Spout-craft: No
Understand: yes
Play my role: Of course.
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Lubert1999's Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lubert1999's Application.   Lubert1999's Application. EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 3:50 pm

Accepted, love the background, please make sure to read the rules though!!
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Lubert1999's Application.
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