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 Hoori's whitelist app again

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Hoori's whitelist app again Empty
PostSubject: Hoori's whitelist app again   Hoori's whitelist app again EmptySun Oct 02, 2011 10:30 am

IGN(In Game Name): Gaynazi666 (I do not like this name nor do I encourage it)

Age: 13

Why do you want to join Dungeon Craft(3-5 sent.): I want to join dungeon craft for many reason, my first though would be the great role playing community.Another reason I would like to join is because before the white list update I was on this server and I found it to very enjoyable. I love the unique race system and how every single one has different class, it looks like it has alot of time and effort into it and I would like to play it. I have met the people who are there and I am even friends with two mods I really would enjoy to be part of dungeon craft again.All in all I know this is one of in my opion best minecraft rp community that I think I would make a great addition to.

What race will you be?: Forsaken

What will your RP name be?: Hoori

Do you have an appropriate skin for your race? If so, provide a screenshot or explain what it is: 5493-planetmc.voxcdn.com/files/resource_media/preview/devil-may-cry_minecraft_skin-503370.jpg

Give us some background of your character(4-6 sent.): My name is Hoori and I am a forsaken.I am normally a follower waiting for orders of my great leader and other superiors but if I have to take something into my own hands you can except that all hell may soon break lose. I love all my forsaken brethren and I fatefully trust each and every single orc, unless they give me a reason not to. I run a shop just outside of town and I sell to anybody execpt for a couple elf's who have dis-earned my trust.When I am not collecting supplies for my shop or having a battle I stay at my forsaken base with my brethren waiting for glorious night to come.I normally do not bother with humans but let ye be warned if any human does any thing to me or one of my brethren, or even a orc there will be hell to pay! I am Hoori and I am a forsaken and if you mess with me I'll mess with you.

Have you read the rules, and will you follow them?: Yes i have read hte rules on many occasions and I promise to follow each and every one of them

How did you hear about Dungeon Craft?: Planetminecraft

Do you understand what Role Playing is?: Yes its literate fighting will normally be in clans but do sent have to.I have been roleplaying all my life from 6 paragraph in one post roleplays to a simple minecraft roleplay, I enjoy roleplaying.
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Hoori's whitelist app again Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hoori's whitelist app again   Hoori's whitelist app again EmptySun Oct 02, 2011 2:01 pm

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Hoori's whitelist app again
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