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 NeoTronics Application

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PostSubject: NeoTronics Application   Fri Oct 07, 2011 7:53 pm

IGN(In Game Name): neotronic123


Why do you want to join Dungeon Craft(3-5 sent.): Well I was looking through the board and I thought it had a well supported community, and I would like to help with it by getting myself and some of my friends to join it. Also I just want to overall have a good time instead of being constantly annoyed/griefed on other servers.

What race will you be?: I will be a human warrior.

What will your RP name be?: Valkner

Do you have an appropriate skin for your race? If so, provide a screenshot or explain what it is: Yes, but I cant seem to get the link post to work, so I just posted a link below.

Give us some background of your character(4-6 sent.): Valkner was born to an elven mother and a human father, by age 3 both of his parents died from a wild horde of orcs. He spends his days traveling and hunting down orcs, sparing none and showing absolutely no mercy. When he has the time he chops wood for a living, waiting for the day when he can claim his vengeance.

Have you read the rules, and will you follow them?: Yes, I agree with every single one of these rules and am sure I will keep them in mind at all times. ***

Have you read the "Basic Info and Commands" thread?: Yes, they were very useful and I may keep a tab of them open while playing just in case.

How did you hear about Dungeon Craft?: I was actually watching a Yogscast video when I saw a comment of someone talking about all of its features and perks. I cant provide a link as a guest, but if you would like their page, just youtube search "BlueXephos"

Do you use the SpoutCraft Client?: Yes, because it makes my experience while playing all the better.

Do you understand what Role Playing is?: Yes, it is pretending to be in another world and following a path as some sort of rank or class. This can lead to doing quests such as helping out a "Lumberjack" or collecting mushrooms for a cook.

Will you play the Role of your character?: Absolutely, I love the idea of ropeplaying in any game but particularly minecraft. I hope to have fun while on the server if I get the chance to play, and cant wait to be apart of this community.

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NeoTronics Application
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